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Welcome to timonilsson.se

Music is Life!

Hello and welcome to Timo Nilsson's official website. He lives in Trelleborg-Sweden.


Timo's great passion since childhood has been music and he started playing around 10 years of age. His interest is the majority of instruments such as keyboard, bass, drums but mainly guitar and song, he has been in many different bands over the years.


Timo's favorite genre in music is very wide, such as trubadur, he plays feelgood music and hits released over the years. He also writes his own music and has his own recording studio where he writes, plays, sings and produces everything himself.

You can hear him in all streaming services like Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Deezer and many more.

Search for Timo Nilsson on YouTube.

He also has a trubadur duo together with his old friend Peter Szabo named 2BIG. This duo has been around since the turn of the 90s and they play in different places in Sweden and abroad as well.

Timo can offer different constellations for your event so contact him for more info.



Innehar F-Skatt.